Management Team

Minoo PatelDirector Strategy & Corporate Development
Chris MilnerRegional Manager (Aberdeen)
David BrownDirector, Vessels and Moorings
Szen OngDirector, QA/QC & Procurement Support
Tony KenyonMarketing Manager
Darren PatelDirector Umbilicals & Cables
Ed BrownDirector Operations
Phil ThomasHealth & Safety Manager
Geoff LyonsDirector, Systems, Structures and Risers
Minoo is a professional Engineer and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He has been with BPP-TECH since 1989. He specialises in the analysis and design of floating and flexible production structures, risers, tethers and pipelines. He is the originator of eight Patents.
Chris graduated from Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, UK) in 1996, and launched a career in the Oil & Gas industry involved with cables and subsea components. He joined BPP-TECH to head up its growing business in Aberdeen. Chris is ticking off the Scottish Munros one by one.
David is a professional Mechanical Engineer and gained his PhD at University College London, UK. He has been with BPP-TECH since 1989. David specialises in analysis of floating offshore vessels and their associated equipment. David is a Brian May fan.
Szen joined BPP-TECH in 2000 and is a professional Mechanical Engineer. He has extensive practical experience in quality control of manufacture of components for the offshore industry. Szen holds a 'Licentiate Distinction' awarded by the Royal Photographic Society.
Tony joined BPP-TECH after 30 years working in rotating equipment, mainly in the Middle East. Tony is a Mechanical Engineer, having studied at UMIST (Manchester, UK), and he heads up worldwide marketing for BPP-TECH. Tony is also active in politics.
Darren is a professional Mechanical Engineer, and he joined BPP-TECH in 1996. Darren specialises in subsea power cable design, analysis and deployment. He has been involved in developing a new high voltage, dynamic subsea cable. Darren is a self confessed technology geek.
Ed joined BPP-TECH as a Software Engineer in 1995. His background is in Mathematics and Engineering. He is responsible for various corporate management processes including Information, Resource, Quality, and Project Finance, along with company-wide day to day operations. Ed is often found playing the piano.
Phil joined BPP-TECH in 1999. He has extensive offshore working experience, and specialises in failure mode analysis, risk/reliability assessment, and offshore monitoring systems. Phil enjoys watching rugby-football (a form of football played with an oval ball).
Geoff gained his PhD at University College London, UK, and has been with BPP-TECH since 1989. He is a professional Mechanical Engineer. Geoff specialises in dynamic analyses of fixed, floating, and subsea units often fed from automated monitoring systems. He has frequently worked offshore. Geoff pilots a BPP-TECH sponsored glider.