Energy From Ocean Waves

One approach to wave energy for power generation uses the wave action to drive pressured air through a bi-directional turbine. 

Orecon was one company that set out to develop such a device and BPP-TECH provided technical support and project managed the tank-testing program.

A concept review of the Orecon Multi Resonant Chamber (MRC) wave energy device was undertaken initially. This review included calculating design loads for the device, including hydrostatic pressures on the overall structure, survival pressures on the external hull, loads experienced during wave slam events and mooring loads.  BPP-TECH were part of the team that model tested the concept design.   The principal objectives of the model test were to investigate the motions of the full-scale buoy when tension-moored.  Responses of the structure to waves were measured. Additionally levels of tension in the mooring lines, slam pressures inside the device chambers and external slam loads on the device hull were recorded.  BPP-TECH provided the appropriate scantlings for the exterior plating of the device, so that the structural design of the device would meet the requirements for certification by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

The BPP-TECH scope of work was completed successfully and the test results were reported back to Orecon.