Going Deep: Advanced Flex Technology

Hydrocarbon reserves which will underwrite future oil and gas production are, increasingly, in ever deeper waters and often beyond the reach of current technology. BPP-TECH is at the forefront of developing the techniques required to exploit these reserves by turning innovative new concepts into practical solutions.

Hydrocarbon reserves which will underwrite future oil and gas production are, increasingly, in ever deeper waters and often beyond the reach of current technology. BPP-TECH is at the forefront of developing the techniques required to exploit these reserves by turning innovative new concepts into practical solutions. BPP-TECH is actively promoting Advanced Flex Technology which will enable operating companies to exploit Deep sea reserves, using concepts capable of enhancing riser designs for ultra-deep waters. Activity levels in the oil and gas sector are currently placing huge demands on the availability of resources generally, but particularly for offshore support vessels. The weight of the equipment currently being deployed, and the speed with which operations can be carried out, are limiting factors for deepwater activity. On ultra-deep fields, the production equipment required on the seabed for processing, boosting, and water injection, is physically large and very heavy. The size of separators, pumping units, and associated equipment required to do the work, will push the capacities of the deployment and support vessels to their limits. The deployment of the current ultra-deep production umbilicals and risers will generally demand the same vessels. The inevitable result is for rates to increase for these vessels. BPP-TECH has frequently demonstrated its capacity to develop new technologies for ultra-deepwater drilling, production, and intervention risers. Using Advanced Flex Technology the key goals are to (a) reduce the weight of riser systems (particularly intervention and workover) and (b) increase the speed of deployment and retrieval, to take maximum advantage of weather windows. Thereby costs can be significantly reduced through more efficient usage of intervention assets. This will also lead to widening of the selection of support vessels for other tasks, again minimising the lease period and further reducing the costs to operators. Several companies have already indicated that they intend to participate in the Reel In Riser JIP which is to be run by BPP-TECH on Advanced Flex Technology. This will enable the development of reelable pipe for intervention riser applications and, as the project proceeds, to review additional applications which will benefit as the technology develops. The adoption of the technology for this purpose is based on extensive studies previously conducted by BPP-TECH for a major operator. The report’s conclusion indicates that the Advanced Flex Technology was most likely to lead to a successful product for rapidly deployable And weight saving intervention /workover risers. BPP-TECH is very much looking forward to converting the benefits available from Advanced Flex Technology into reality.