Hess Okume Complex Development

BPP-TECH was responsible for the management of the complete Okume Complex subsea riser package procurement from NKT Flexibles in Kalundborg, Denmark.

BPP-TECH was responsible for the management of the complete Okume Complex subsea riser package procurement from NKT Flexibles in Kalundborg, Denmark. The delivery consisted of eight dynamic production risers split between the two Okume/ Oveng TLPs and a single, large bore oil export dynamic riser which linked the rigid export line from the Okume Complex B Platform to the Sendje Ceiba FPSO. BPP-TECH was also heavily involved with the engineering review, QA/QC review, manufacturing inspection and factory acceptance testing for all nine risers. The loadout of all the risers took place in three phases in order to minimise the risk to the overall schedule potentially caused by the lack of heavy lifting availability for the Acergy Falcon: Phase one saw an early shipment of the oil export riser reel down to Mammoet in Rotterdam with the plan to use Mammoet’s lifting capabilities for the final lift of the reel onto Acergy Falcon. Phase two consisted of a three day loadout program at NKT’s quayside in Kalundborg for the transfer of the eight TLP risers from the NKT factory reels into the Acergy Falcon’s internal carousel. The final phase was the sail down from Kalundborg to Rotterdam to pick up the oil export riser reel from Mammoet’s facilities. The entire loadout program was completed as planned without any safety incidents or damage to the risers. During the installation phase in Equatorial Guinea, BPP-TECH was engaged as part of the flexible riser installation team, on-board the Acergy Falcon, providing specialist offshore technical and engineering support during the installation of all nine flexible risers. The installation was completed successfully and first oil was achieved ahead of schedule.