Large Offshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (NOVA)

NOVA was a project carried out by a consortium funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). Its prime aim was to develop range of novel vertical axis wind turbines rated from 5 to 10 MW for offshore installations.  The device design was complex and as the consortium was made up of diverse teams this inevitably led to project execution and schedule issues.  BPP-TECH was brought in to co-ordinate project delivery and to carry out some of the tasks, offering both project management skills and providing technical project leadership. BPP-TECH streamlined the tasks in power train engineering and structural analysis. This resulted in the consortium teams working together to concentrate on resolving the problems associated with their particular field of expertise.  Success depended on the interrelated nature of information from each team, so BPP-TECH were required to provide cross team input and feedback.

Ultimately, this involved co-ordinating controlled discussions and setting realistic targets in order to develop an efficient process to design and deliver a novel solution to a worldwide problem.  The project was completed successfully in mid 2010.