For over 20 years, the insurance market has relied on our technical services. Assisting in risk mitigation engineering with underwriters, assisting warranty surveys and post-accident investigations BPP-TECH provides independent engineering expertise. 

Be it assessing the fitness-for-purpose of a vessel, the collapse of a crane, the design of a power cable, or dissection of a failed umbilical, we provide underwriters and loss adjusters with the critical technical information required in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner.

Our forensic examination team perform dissections to establish the cause of failures quickly.  The reports we provide draw on our expert knowledge of design and construction of offshore components. The conclusions drawn from our wide experience of equipment manufacture and field applications, bring a valuable dimension to reports.

BPP-TECH engineers provide Expert Witness, either in person or by written testimony for litigation and arbitration. Our accident investigation approach uses established engineering principles to provide impartial expert opinion.

We engineer risk out of installations and extend the operational life of assets through intelligent reviews of designs and procedures.