For over 20 years, the legal industry has utilised our expertise in the fields of naval architecture and offshore engineering. 

As expert witnesses, we have a reputation for high quality technical advice on vessel design, offshore component design, fitness-for purpose and response to environmental conditions.

We offer trial support and oral or written testimony for litigation and arbitration. Our accident investigation approach uses established engineering principles to provide impartial expert opinion.

Be it assessing the fitness-for-purpose of a vessel, or establishing the reasons for the failure of an umbilical, we provide all the technical information needed in a clear and concise manner.

We perform forensic examinations on a wide range of failed offshore components and provide independent reviews of analysis and metallurgical examinations performed by other parties. Our forensic examination team perform dissections to establish the cause of failures quickly. The reports we provide draw on our expert knowledge of design and construction of offshore components.

To gain a better understanding of our project experience, please contact us for further information, and for CVs of relevant personnel.