BPP-TECH's naval architects, scientists and engineers have been providing high quality, innovative services to the marine industry for over 20 years.

Our involvement often spans the entire project life cycle from conceptual design to decommissioning.

Delivery Management

We support major operators to ensure equipment and components are delivered on time to where they are needed most. We can provide support at every level, from full project management to specific engineering assistance, and QA/QC inspection.

Our QA/QC engineers witness completions, provide on-site engineering assistance and act as a third party. We reduce the impact of non-conformities on project cost and schedule.

Ensuring high levels of quality control and dealing with non-conformities as they happen, we reduce the impact on project cost and schedule. Work with both product manufacturers and sub-suppliers.

Risk & Reliability

To minimise lost operational uptime we provide qualitative and quantified risk analysis services. We identify the safety critical components and the fitness-for-purpose of a system over the whole service life cycle.

We manage, monitor and analyse vessel subsystems throughout operational life to ensure cost effective, safe and reliable performance of offshore assets.

We provide on-board software and technical support to warranty surveyors including reviews of structural loads and recommendations on water depth.

Product Development

Our iterative electrical and mechanical design process produces cutting-edge power cable designs, aiming to both minimise self-weight and resist fatigue.

We perform mooring & station-keeping analysis, capability plots and solutions from drift-off and drive-off analysis through to bespoke dynamic positioning (DP) and riser management systems (RMS).

We develop novel hose constructions utilising the latest advances in materials technology. Our solutions aid the recovery of previously non-viable discoveries and expand operating envelopes.

Engineering Design Analysis

We provide design & analysis services using in-house and proprietary software models to perform fatigue-life assessments, VIV prediction and finite element analysis.

We perform hydrostatic & hydrodynamic analyses to assess the effects of design changes on a system, and predict motions in waves. We use model testing to complement and validate our software predictions.

Hazardous and valuable products require hoses that perform to design specification. Our test engineers qualify hose designs against internationally recognised standards.