Oil & Gas

BPP-TECH provides high quality services to the oil & gas industries, underwritten by more than 20 years of practical experience. 

As an independent company, we provide valuable advice and assistance to our clients. Our highly qualified engineers from different disciplines bring unique perspectives to the solutions offered.

  • Risers & Flowlines
  • Power Cables
  • Umbilicals
  • Hoses
  • Moorings
  • Offshore Structures
  • Subsystems
  • Vessels
  • Subsea Systems

Delivery Management

BPP-TECH Project Managers have a track record of achieving savings for our clients. We provide procurement services ensuring high levels of quality control and conformance, through to full project management.

We work to avoid schedule slip and ensure costs and timescales are adhered to, whilst adapting when the requirements change. We manage the external pressures for the project team, enabling them to get on with the job.

Risk & Reliability

Qualitative and quantified risk assessment services increase operational uptime. In addition to these services, we identify safety-critical components and fitness-for-purpose over the whole life cycle.

We provide service life assessment for offshore equipment, enabling development of better plans for maintenance, recovery and redeployment. We manage, monitor and analyse offshore systems ensuring cost effective, safe and reliable performance of assets.
In conjunction with Welaptega a "Mooring Fitness for Purpose Assessment" (MFPA) can be provided.

We carry out failure assessments based on our detailed knowledge of the design and construction methods, carrying out dissection components where appropriate. Failure investigations provide understanding of the root causes of equipment failures, which contribute to our continuous improvement programme.

On-site inspections and material testing of equipment increase subsea system integrity.

Product Development

Innovation, one of our basic principles, has driven the development of sophisticated Riser Management System (RMS) offering comprehensive, real-time, riser stress analysis and on-board guidance for connected mode drilling or completion/workover riser operations.

This is the latest in a line of novel engineering products including LNG hoses, HV dynamic power cables, and downhole DC cables.

Engineerin Design Analysis

Using complex engineering models, fatigue assessments and VIV predictions garnered from both our 'in-house', and 'industry standard' software packages, BPP-TECH provide a full range of independent engineering design & analysis.

Our test facilities are used to verify our engineering models, as well as testing components to fatigue failure, or bend testing complete assemblies. Model testing campaigns include tank testing for new vessel designs and crane mechanisms in failure analysis.

A combination of 'desk-based' and 'on-site' engineering services assure the integrity of subsea systems and equipment including: risers, well control umbilicals, subsea power cables and BOPs.