Risers & Flowlines

We offer a wide range of riser and flowline services.  Because we are an independent company, it gives us a distinct advantage to provide unbiased, valuable advice and assistance from a variety of different perspectives.

Delivery Management

We support major operators to ensure equipment and components are delivered on time to where they are needed most. We can provide support at every level, from full project management to specific engineering assistance, and QA/QC inspection.

Risk & Reliability

BPP-TECH has extensive experience in providing qualitative and quantitative risk assessment services. We carry out technical risk studies for offshore and marine energy operators, and contractors.

Product Development

Our engineers are experienced at leading innovation on behalf of clients, as well as supporting our clients’ existing development teams. We have a strong track record in product development that has sprung from the specialist and independent engineering services that BPP-TECH provides.

Converteam selected our Riser Management System for installation on Odebrecht drilling vessels.

Engineering Design Analysis

We provide peer reviews of existing studies based on our extensive experience. We evaluate and optimise designs using a collection of industry standard and our in-house validated software models.
Our materials laboratory provides sample analysis and testing.