Umbilicals & Power Cables

At BPP-TECH, our innovative marine engineering services have an extensive track record in the development of deep water umbilicals and power cables.

Delivery Management

We project manage umbilicals and power cables from research and development, to design and analysis, throughout testing and on to final delivery and installation.

Our engineers witness completions, provide on-site assistance to help minimise the impact of non-conformances on project costs and schedules.

Risk & Reliability

We carry out forensic failure assessments for our clients, establishing the root-causes of failures quickly by drawing on our strong understanding of the design and construction of umbilicals and power cables.

Our recommendations often provide design improvements that result in fewer failures.

Product Development

We produce innovative umbilical designs with lower self-weight and higher fatigue resistance to meet the challenge of deeper waters.

Our dedicated subsidiary, BPP-Cables, provides a range of leading-edge products and services for subsea cables.

Engineering Design Analysis

We predict fatigue life, and optimise umbilical designs using sophisticated in-house software and advanced industry standard packages to maximise service life of all types of umbilical.

We test umbilicals to verify design against recognised standards, from material laboratory tests to large-scale bend testing of complete umbilicals.