Vessels & Structures

With over 20 years' experience in the offshore oil and gas industry BPP-TECH provides design, analysis and third-party verification services.

Our naval architects have knowledge of a wide range of vessels and their subsystems.  Our involvement can span the entire project life cycle from conceptual design to decommissioning.

Risk & Reliability

To minimise lost operational uptime we provide qualitative and quantified risk analysis services. We identify the safety critical components and the fitness-for-purpose of a system over the whole service life cycle. In conjunction with Welaptega we provide a Floating Unit Mooring Assessment (FUMA).

We manage, monitor and analyse vessel subsystems throughout operational life to ensure cost effective, safe and reliable performance of offshore assets.

We provide on-board software and technical support to warranty surveyors including reviews of structural loads and recommendations on water depth. In addition, we review structural loads with recommendations on water depth for liftboats and jackups.

Enginering Design Analysis

We perform hydrostatics and stability analysis; in addition to optimisation at the conceptual stage, we produce stability booklets, loading calculators etc.

Using computer modelling we provide hydrodynamics analysis services and predict motions in waves, then plan and execute model testing campaigns to validate the software predictions.

We provide station-keeping analysis and capability plots, offering solutions: from drift-off and drive-off analysis, through to bespoke dynamic positioning (DP) and riser management systems (BPP-RMS).

Our naval architects produce mooring analysis & configuration verification reports.